Friday 27 May 2011

Friday a little later on

Multiple blog messages is a sure sign that there's no school, isn't it? :0)

I've got going with the cooking because I found I had the ingredients (most of them or good substitutes) for what I want to do with the minced steak. Half of it is slow simmering in the oven and will stay there for hours, probably. The other half has been pulverised into spicy meatballs.
The bolognese-y type mixture in the oven has, apart from the usual, some red lentils and a handful of oats. I always add them: apart from the obvious frugal element of it making the meat go a lot further, they both add richness and flavour and the oats help to create a lovely thick sauce. They take on board the meat flavour and you really can't tell they are there in terms of texture.

The meatballs are a concoction of onion, garlic and red and green pepper (all minced in the mini-chopper) with chili, curry powder, garam masala, dried leaf coriander, pepper and a very little salt. The recipe also called for breadcrumbs but I haven't any bread in the place (it's all in the freezer) so instead I put some oats in the chopper and zizzed them down to a rough powder. They're cooked now and I've tasted one and mmmmmmm. I must remember that for another time: oats are 'healthier' than bread!

And finally, I have a simple mixture of minced onion and garlic, olive oil and chopped tomatoes slowly simmering and thickening on the hob. Frozen in little pots, it can then be seasoned with herbs or spices as wished before using.

The house smells wonderful!

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