Sunday 29 May 2011

Sunday morning

It seems to be another dull, cloudy, windy day but I must get out there in the garden and do a bit of work. If I don't it will be too late to get the seedlings out! As it is, a courgette in a tiny pot is flowering and really won't last much longer without a bigger growing space.

I've had a lovely morning so far. Yesterday evening I prepared the strawberries and left them overnight in sugar and lemon. This morning it all went in my big pan and has boiled away into the most wonderful tasting strawberry jam. Four nice little pots of it, one for my friend's birthday present, one for DD/DG and two for me! I suspect we will make great inroads into one pot for tea tonight as I'm planning to make scones! Slurp!
I am a bit annoyed with myself though - I obviously didn't leave the jam to stand in the pan long enough and the berries have risen instead of staying equally distributed. It makes no difference to the taste, it's just jolly annoying!

Looking out, the sun seems to be trying to break through, so I think I will make an early start and get those plants out in good order. Then I can potter in the kitchen without feeling guilty! I want to make a pot of my home made chicken korma today. SO much nicer than the ones in jars, although, I suspect, equally unauthentic.

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