Sunday 1 May 2011

Sunday evening

. . . and I've not long finished watching Doctor Who (repeat from last night), this time with the screen setting right so that all the subtitles could be seen. I don't know why I didn't realise that it was wrong yesterday evening. I thought they'd just made a right mess of the subtitles with the result that I really couldn't follow the story at all. I have to say it made a lot more sense this evening (thank goodness). Who'd be hard of hearing, eh?

It's been a gentle day. I did go to the garden centre at one point, which proved to be more expensive that I had expected it to be, because the petrol warning light came on so I stopped off at Sainsbury's to fill up - and I did fill up this time seeing as I have recently been paid. Very, very expensive, that was! When I got home I did a bit of clipping and cutting back and generally tidying up, scattered a few slug pellets around the hostas and the baby lupins and generally took it easy whenever there was a back twinge with the result that it's really not feeling too bad at all now. I had bought some mint and some parsley, so the parsley went into the herb bed and the mint into a nice big pot. I'm dreadful with mint - I kill it off every year and every year I optimistically buy some more and hope.

I've planted three sunflowers in the bed by the big hedge separating my house from next door's. It's a bit of a dark spot and everything leans towards the light, but I am hoping that the nice curly wurly metal 'canes' I have stuck into the ground next to each one to fasten each growing sunflower to will mean that they will grow upright with their heads always facing into the garden. We will see!

Photo: the baby sunflowers - I swear they have grown considerably since I took the photo this morning! Not a terribly exciting picture, is it?

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