Tuesday 24 May 2011

Tuesday morning

. . . and it's the weekly PPA and coordinator's time for me this morning. Only three days before half term now.

As readers of my 'other' blog will know, I'm back on the sensible eating track again and having some unconventional breakfasts at present. Today it's turkey in gravy (frozen from Christmas). The main reason for this is that the upright freezer needs a defrosting: it did anyway, but even more so now because I left the door slightly ajar on Saturday for a short time and a thin layer of frost has built up over everything, although there's been no thawing, thank goodness.
The other reason is that I like it!

By the end of this week and into next week, I should have eaten enough of the frozen single meals that the remainder will fit in the chest freezer without too much hassle. Then I can defrost, reorganise and stock up again. So, reports to the contrary, I have something to look forward to over half term - cooking some batches of stuff using much of the meat I already have frozen , having bought it on BOGOF or some other good offer. Not everyone's idea of fun, I agree, but I like it!

So far I'm planning:
A good panful of a sort of bolognese - good beef mince in a flavoursome tomato sauce - some of which will have extra added vegetable, beans and chilli. It's just about my favourite stuff and is so very versatile.
Some beef meatballs in a tomato sauce
Some chicken casserole.
Some curries. I have a super Slimming World curry recipe book which has instructions for curries so good that they make the taste buds tingle! I'll also make some korma of my own devising
Some small pots of tomato sauce for use in all sorts of things.
Some beef in beer, stroganoff, goulash . . . that sort of stuff.
I won't get all of this done, but some will be and by doing so I use up some stuff that ought to be used pretty soon.

It's just as well I am planning to stay at home over this half term, isn't it?

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