Thursday 26 May 2011

Thursday morning

. . . and a cold, windy, cloudy, chilly morning it is too. Rain, maybe? It would be typical - the day we have outdoor PE it rains. The day before the start of the half term, the weather breaks!

Funny how we're never satisfied, isn't it? When it's sunny and dry, we say the garden needs a good soaking. When it looks as if it's going to rain, we say it's the wrong time.
Ah. well, given that no amount of grumbling will make a blind bit of difference, let's move on.

I did a trawl around some recipe sites and found a Jamie Oliver recipe for beef and ale stew which looks promising, a recipe for spicy meatballs that can be made with any minced meat, another meatball recipe - this time for lamb and apricot meatballs, which looks really delicious and which I will definitely make, and a beef goulash recipe. I've dug out some casserole steak from the freezer so I'll start with the latter. I also discovered a bag of eight chicken fillets which I had forgotten about so must look for interesting chicken recipes too. Moving stuff around made a lot more space in the chest freezer so I am sure I now have enough room to empty and defrost the upright.

Today is the day we tell the children who their next teacher will be and which bay they are going to.
And this evening I am doing NO WORK AT ALL! :0)

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