Friday 13 May 2011

Friday evening

This is VERY late for me! Even on a Friday - especially on a Friday, in fact. This evening a bunch of us from school were at the Civic Theatre watching one of the infant teachers taking the lead role in Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore. She was brilliant, absolutely amazing. What a voice! But I'm very, very tired now!

The reason for no earlier posts wasn't because of that though. Blogger has been down all day so I wasn't able to post. Rather a pain, but I guess it happens sometimes.

I'm glad it's back though, because I'm nearing my 10,000th view/visitor thingy. I'd like to know when that happens, if possible, so will be sort of checking through the weekend - sad. me? Never!!

And now I'm off to bed. With any luck I'll sleep beyond four!

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