Thursday 5 May 2011

Thursday morning

Now that school has properly started, I don't seem to have an awful lot to write about that is in any way 'different'. It was lovely to be properly back with my class and the sunshine certainly does bring out the best in them. They're bright and breezy and I love the way they bring the sunshine back in with them after playtimes.

I started giving the Ruddigore tickets out yesterday and, as a result, I have a bag full of tenners and loose coins. £12.20 is an awkward amount: it should have been £13, but one ticket was a comp because of the group booking, so that's been shared around the whole group. Thank goodness it didn't come to something like £12.37p - I couldn't bear all those 1ps or 2ps!

I had to laugh - I have done one particular investigation with my class now for a number of years and it's always worked within the day. But not yesterday. For some reason, exactly the same investigation in the other year 1 class worked a dream but mine didn't. So I've left it out overnight and fingers crossed!! I've also got the results from next door if I REALLY need them, but I hope I don't.

So another day starts. Sun is again expected but a part of me really hopes for some rain soon. I'm keeping up with watering the garden OK, but it's a bit of a drag at times. A good soaking would make all the difference! Fingers crossed.

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