Wednesday 4 May 2011

Wednesday morning

Good morning, everyone. Wasn't it a lovely sunny day yesterday, although the bright sun belied the temperature which was decidedly chilly in the wind. And it was pretty cold overnight too. Now that the heating has been turned off, I'm noticing the difference in the early mornings.

I had a bit of 'worry' with the heating last week. I noticed that the house was feeling very warm but, glancing at the posh thermostat in the living room, it didn't show the heating as on. Checking the radiators, however, showed that they were well and truly warm. Strange. It took me a day of wondering before taking a closer look at the thermostat and realising that the batteries needed replacing! Did so and things are back to normal again. However, in the meanwhile, I'd turned the heating off on the boiler control. However, it's so jolly cold this morning, I've just turned it back on again.

I had a day out of class yesterday - interviews and then PPA. Today I'm in almost all day. How WILL I manage? We're going to investigate how plants drink water (well, sort of) with flower heads, celery and food colouring. The germination investigation was started off yesterday and next week the old runner beans get planted. It's all go in year 1 , I can tell you!

A couple of our staff are members of local operatic societies and next week they are in a performance of Ruddigore. We're a sociable lot and it's any excuse for a get together, so I've organised a party to go and see it. Yesterday I picked up our fifteen tickets from the box office and today I will be hounding people for the money, before the bank manager starts whinging!

Have a good day! May the sun shine on you.

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