Sunday 15 May 2011

Sunday morning

When I said I wanted to get the literacy comments written yesterday I actually meant this weekend. Having said that, I achieved the grand total of - one! However, I did go shopping, do shedloads of washing, get the kitchen properly sorted out, make and back a banana cake and make some yogurt. And do some moderating, exchange zillions of messages with friends, watch Doctor Who . . .
So guess what I'm doing today. If I can get half of them done I will be pleased. But I can feel the RATs closing in again.

Goodness, it was cold yesterday evening. So cold that I turned up the heating for a short while and closed the bedroom window. It was windy so I wasn't concerned about frost, but even so, brrrrrrr. I haven't felt the temperature today yet but, unless there's been a dramatic change, it won;t be all that warm yet. I hope we do get some warm early mornings because I love eating my breakfast in the garden before the mad rush that is school starts.

I've treated myself to 'proper' coffee this morning and need a top up, so off I go! Back soon with some photos.

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