Wednesday 25 May 2011

Wednesday morning

. . . and it's jolly cold outside at the moment. Not frosty cold, thank goodness, but cold enough to make me shiver when I went out to the freezer a while ago. Judging by the sky, it will be sunny and will warm up soon enough though. But we need rain!! Probably it will come as soon as half term starts and continue on through the whole of half term. Just what the gardens need, but not the children!

So, today, Wednesday, is a day that runs on its tracks for most of the day. Reading Revelry, phonics, maths, family assembly, ICT in the computer suite, Library, PPA, playtime, storytime . . . and perhaps a staff meeting, I'm not totally sure about that last one.

Library is lovely. We are lucky enough to share a roof with the branch library and every Wednesday it closes its doors to the general public and has classes in, one class at a time, half the school one week and the other half the next week.
The little ones look at books and hear stories. The older ones are taught library skills, research skills, etc. They also bring their library tickets and borrow/return books too. It's quite a highlight of the fortnight and we're very, very lucky to have this resource on our doorstop with a linking door so we don't even have to go outside to get there.

Well, time is moving on and I have a few resources to make and print out so I'd better go!
Have a good day!

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