Tuesday 31 May 2011

Tuesday morning

It's nice and sunny here this morning, but still very cold, so cold that the heating has clicked on. I ventured out to the freezer to get the stuff for the day in just now and the warmth hit me as I came back in. Very nice it was too.

I got quite a lot done yesterday. The tea loaves are now sliced, wrapped and frozen. I spent quite a long time pottering in the garden, cutting back the sage quite severely, planting out some seedlings that really aren't seedlings any more, digging over, weeding and generally sorting things out a little bit. And then, after I put the hose away, it started raining. Ho hum! Never mind, it was a very welcome sight and means that I won't have to water today so no complaints from me. it was a substantial amount of rain, never torrential but quite hard at times, and lasted most of the evening on and off and into the night. Just what was needed. Maybe we could order some more later on today, please!
I also did a little bit of washing and an awful lot of networking - too much really. The bedroom is still a mess - what a surprise!

And now it's Tuesday. I shall pop into Morrisons for a few magazines and also to get some bits and bobs for tomorrow lunch when I have a friend round. I found a recipe on the Rosemary Conley site for a cheese and tomato quiche that has a flour tortilla as a base, instead of pastry. I know L is a Conley fan and uses her recipes, so I thought I would make it and see what it's like. I can always open a tin of tuna if it's a disaster. It's low fat and uses low fat cheese which I have my doubts about but I'll give it a go and see. Quiches do freeze OK so the leftovers will provide some nice lunches for school. I'll let you know.

I also want to do a little more garden stuff, including putting some goodness from the compost heap onto the flower beds, and I MUST write to the council and instruct them to take the old fridge away. It's been sitting there for months now. I will get the letter written as soon as I have finished this blog post so I'd better hurry up and send and get on with it.

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