Monday 30 May 2011

Garden extra

I wasn't intending to 'do' vegetables. However, there was this one yellow courgette plant left over after DD had taken what she wanted. It was so brave and such a survivor, even to the point of flowering in its tiny little pot, that I took pity on it and now it's in a large pot with a good dose of compost from my composter to encourage it on. Fingers crossed.

Note to self: cut back the sage in order to enjoy the lilies!

Dessert tonight . . . yum yum

Nothing special, I just like the colour and pattern.

Lookee-look-look. Proof!!! The rosemary cuttings have taken! I now need to get them potted on before the roots get too tangled (they are two to a pot at the moment. That means a trip to the garden centre for some potting compost and some pots. Drat!

I must be getting something right, somewhere. Or maybe George talks to them!

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