Sunday 22 May 2011

Sunday evening

Ever heard the saying 'Penny wise, pound foolish'? Well, that was me. A week ago I needed to get more soap for the dishwasher. It's terribly expensive and, in comparison, the supermarket's own kind was an attractively frugal alternative. So that's what I got.
Unfortunately and annoyingly, the quality is so poor, I found I was having to rewash quite a lot of things, they simply weren't coming out clean. Today I just got fed up, stalked around to Morrisons and bought some brand capsules and some brand powder. I was pleased to see that the capsules were on BOGOF, so that kind of made up a bit.
And the naff ones? I will use them for cleaning Handy Andy.

This afternoon I was not particularly looking forward to an afternoon working on the PC. Fortunately, DG popped round to see if I would like to go with her to her allotment, where I could sit and read and chatter while she worked. Nice idea so I did, although I helped by watering all the beds for her while she planted out some courgette and butternut squash plants. I hope she likes courgettes - she planted loads and loads of them, green, yellow and white. When I think of the state that patch was in before DD took it over, I realise what an amazing job she has done with it. There's a way to go yet, of course, but it bears no comparison now to how it was then. Well done, DD.

And then it was home for tea. Pate, lemon curd (home made), bread (home made), cakes (home made) and a nice cuppa. Sheer pleasure.
What a lovely day!

Photo: just for Joan! :0)

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