Thursday 26 May 2011

Thursday afternoon

School's out! Half term has begun. I'm home and not working. Bliss.

We got rain. Boy, did we get rain? Half way through outdoor games, of course! I'd just finished explaining to the year 1s how to do each bit of the jumping station (for sports day) and they'd all just started practising long jump, standing jump, jump into a hoop or mini hurdles when it started. Ho hum.

However, it turned out to be a good opportunity to discuss How To Behave If It Rains Half Way Through Sports Day and, more specifically, What Not To Do If It Rains Half Way Through Sports Day!

It carried on bucketing down all through lunch break and most of the afternoon. It cleared up for afternoon play, praise be, but it's just started again. Well, those poor plants surely needed a good soaking and we haven't had nearly enough yet.

Oh, I was sorely tempted to get a takeaway this evening and a bottle of something chilled, dry and alcoholic, but my stronger side won through and I'm sticking with the goulash, strawberries and yogurt. I think I'm glad . . .

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