Sunday 15 May 2011

And another . . .

Goodness, you can tell it's report writing time - I suddenly have lots and lots of things to blog about! Not to mention suddenly having this great urge to bake.

OK, so I have DD and DG coming here for tea. Yesterday I bought some soft rolls from the shop for then. But, you know, they're not all that nice really. Sort of bland and chewy and cloying. I decided to grab a recipe from the Internet and make some, by hand, no bread machine involved.
So I did! And they've just come out fine. It's a bit difficult to spoil bread once you have the knack and the recipe and the tip of putting a dish of water in the oven to provide steam has helped to keep the crust soft (which I wanted) as will the muslin I have placed over them as they cool.

But the interesting thing is this. The recipe (which was supposed to make 8 large baps or 8 smaller ones, and of which I made half quantity!!) gave me 12 rolls of the size I wanted with enough left to make two more. Now, I didn't want to faff around with another baking tray so had a think and decided to experiment with Handy Andy, my amazing Halogen cooker.
I used the low rack and the non stick circular tray that came with him. I rolled the dough into a sausage and popped it into H A, then gave it about 20 mins on just below the reheat/wash temperature, followed by about 15 mins at 200 C. It is slightly over-brown on top (my fault) but it's come out fine, well before the other rolls.

I will remember that for the future. Now, the question is, do I put those other, shop-bought rolls in the freezer? Yes, I think I probably do! Then they are there when I want some fresh breadcrumbs.

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