Saturday 14 May 2011

Saturday morning

It was past six thirty when I woke this morning after my very late evening yesterday. I can't remember the last time I slept that late so I was extremely pleased. It's a gloriously sunny morning with a fresh breeze and promise of sitting out in the sun to come. I've popped out and watered the more vulnerable plants good and early. I'll do the rest later.

I've promised myself that today I will get all the literacy comments written on the school reports. Yes, gentle readers, it's *that* time of year again. Of course, there's so much else to do - housework, washing, ironing, gardening, etc . . . OU students have a word for it. TAT: Tma Avoidance Tactics, only in this case it's RAT: Report Avoidance Tactics. Wish me luck - I may be gone some time.

I had a compliment yesterday. Nice Little Boy was in class and I was sitting at my desk, doing some work. I leaned back, arms behind my head and lifted my hair into a 'ponytail' to air my neck. N L B came up and said 'Mrs Clark, when you have your hair in a pony tail you look really beautiful.'
Note to self: check with his mum to ask if he needs his sight testing!

See you later!

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