Friday 27 May 2011

Friday morning

. . . and the day has come. It's half term. Well - I suppose if I'm being strictly accurate, it isn't half term yet, but it feels like it.

Today I intend to:

1. Go shopping at Sainsbury's. I have a reasonably long list because I intend to do some batch cooking this half term and have the recipes to hand.

2. Investigate a Farm Shop on the other side of Chelmsford. I did a Google for Pick Your Own and this popped up: a place I had no idea existed. There is another PYO way, way out from this side of town, but I think the western one will be easier and quicker to get to. The picking hasn't started yet but I can investigate the place and get familiar with it. I might buy some stuff there too. :0)

3. Make some beef in ale, some bolognese and some spicy meat balls. The meat is out of the freezer, chillin'. The Beef in beer will cook in the slow cooker and the other can do first on the hob and then long and slow in the oven. Not Handy Andy for this.

4. Make up the bed for DG's visit overnight.

5. Write three reports. If I do three a day, they'll all be done bar editing by the end of half term!

6. Might even go swimming, although the chances of that are small!

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