Saturday 7 May 2011

Saturday morning

Aren't chive flowers beautiful. Sorry about the quality, but the light isn't good (and nor is the photographer, blaming her tools)!

See, I haven't managed to kill the mint yet. Quite the contrary, the cuttings I took from the top and shoved in round the side seem to be well and truly alive and growing.

And the Heuchera is still making valiant efforts. This poor plant has been totally hidden under a larger plant for years, so much so that I had forgotten it was there, so it's got to be a survivor. See the rain puddling in the new leaves - a most welcomed sight.

And those sunflowers are more than double their original height now . . . they're not supposed to grow taller than a metre but, as Dad said, you never know with sunflowers.

I seem to have missed yesterday's posting. That wasn't intentional and I'm so sorry if you came a-looking and found nothing new. Yesterday morning I was pretty busy, I suppose, and in the evening I was so tired after working a four day week (!) I snoozed on and off all evening and went to bed very early.

In fact, I was so busy yesterday morning that I totally forgot - yet again - to put out the green recycling box with the glass and tins before leaving for work. That's a real pain, because I've forgotten for several weeks now and the box is embarrassingly full. I reckon a trip to the nearest bottle bank is now on the cards.

The Very Good News is that we have had some rain overnight. Not enough, I am sure, but sufficient that the ground is still wet rather than all soaked away or evaporated off and it won't have done any harm. It's still overcast and gloomy so maybe there's more to come: I do hope so.

Yesterday was busy but fun. I had the pleasure of showing someone around the school, I had a couple of meetings, got some useful paperwork and testing done and sorted stuff out. I almost forgot I was on afternoon playground duty because I was in the middle of testing, so that was a tad embarrassing, but I was forgiven.

Oooh - just looked out and it's raining very hard and puddling too, which means that the ground is already pretty soaked. It does in my garden anyway. If it carries on I doubt George will want to come. We have an agreement that if it's raining too hard it's OK for him to cancel. Gardening is no fun in the pouring rain. But I'm not complaining, it's just what the plants need. As L said yesterday, 'If it rains, I don't have to sit out in the sun and then I can get on with my reports.'! How true.

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