Tuesday 17 May 2011

Tuesday morning

Tuesday is PPA day and Coordinator time day. So why am I a bit disgruntled? Because it's a jolly nice morning's work and I want to teach it myself, that's why!

Regular readers might remember the art sessions that involved painting and printing to make, firstly, a tree skeleton and then leaves and blossom. Nice and messy with results that look like an explosion in a blossom factory. Well, we did that yesterday and Creative Little Child painted the best tree skeleton I have ever seen from a Y1 - in fact, forget the year 1 bit, it was better than I could do! I'm looking forward to the finished results.

Apart from that is it, again, just a normal day. Happy and gentle with activities that I hope the children will learn through. I like days like that.

Photo: The first of many.

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