Sunday 8 May 2011

Sunday evening

End of the weekend. Work tomorrow. Five days too - how will we manage? :0)

It's been a busy and very pleasant day what with one thing and another. There was some more liveliness on conferences (maybe not so pleasant), I went off to DGs birthday tea (now a 'proper' teenager with size 9 feet to match), the lamb for lunch was absolutely delicious and the sauce (just the roasting veg and liquid, blended with my stick blender) was perfect, and the weather is cool and pleasant now.

Have you ever heard of a 'Nerf gun'? No, I hadn't either, but it appears they are the latest 'must have' toy around here and DG, autism to the contrary, has succumbed to peer pressure and wanted one very, very much. Bless his uncle D, he bought one for DG's birthday present, and the look on DG's face when he realised that a) it was for him, b) mum was OK about it and c) it was bigger than the ones the other boys owned, had to be seen to be believed. It wasn't long before he was out with the other lads in the flats, having a whale of a time.
I'm afraid I was boring and gave him money! Practical Nan!

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