Saturday 21 May 2011


Two very funny things were said by children yesterday and do you think I can remember them to tell you? So frustrating! Sorry.

Yesterday was good after a week that has been pretty difficult. A Very Important Meeting went extremely well and I also had the time to work individually with a few children and do some observation in the afternoon. Half the bean plants went home so the responsibility for not snapping the stems is now out of my hands! The others should be ready on Monday - the criterion is that the plant is big enough to need a little support stick!

There's four teaching days to go now until half term. I can feel the 'report mood' coming closer, thank goodness. Unlike some of my colleagues, I really don't mind spending lots of time over the half term on writing them. Three a day and they all more or less get done without too much hassle. More than three and I'm quids in! Being an early riser, I can get them done early mornings. OK, so it means I need piles of books and assessment paper all over the place, but that's really no problem!

So today I intend to write more of the literacy statements and then I'm kind of tied to the computer while discussions go on regarding virtual hustings questions in-between bits of housework and making some wholemeal baps, if I can find a suitable recipe. Planning is more or less done, thank goodness (and thank you, L).

I do have to pop into school. Fool that I am, I left my camera there and I don't like to be without it really. And if it's warm, maybe I can sit out in the garden for a little while later on.

I do like weekends!

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