Saturday 28 May 2011

Saturday evening

. . . and it has been another very productive and extremely satisfying day.

The apple mint jelly was/is absolutely delicious. DG insisted on having some on the crust slice from the bread baked earlier this morning, and that slice disappeared very quickly. That's not exactly what I made it for but no complaints from me (or him)!

The lamb and apricot meatballs in a same flavoured tomato sauce came out very well indeed. I've just had one portion for tea and am mighty glad that there are six more portions in the freezer.

Of course, when one makes a jelly, there's all the fruit pulp left over. After pushing the remains of the apple through the mouli to get rid of the skin and core, I added sugar and raspberries to make a scrummy mix to go with yogurt - six portions, freezer!

In Sainsbury's yesterday, there were some rather good looking organic strawberries on BOGOF so, of course, I got two punnets. After umming and ahing (because I also got some from the Farm Shop so have quite a lot), they are now nestling under jam sugar and lemon juice, ready to make strawberry jam tomorrow. I haven't made strawberry jam for years and am very much looking forward to it. A friend has a birthday this coming week and a pot of the apple mint jelly plus a pot of the strawberry jam will make a very acceptable present for her, I hope.

And finally, there was some minced lamb left over so it is slowly simmering in the oven and will be used to make some shepherd's pies. How *would* I manage without my freezer?

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