Tuesday 31 January 2012

Target Tuesday

Very cold, dry and frosty.  That's what I noticed when I opened the front door just now.  Thankfully, indoors is warm and cosy and filled with the good smell of freshly baked bread from the breadmaker that has been working its usual magic overnight.  It was white bread this time: recently I have been making a wholemeal/granary loaf but decided I needed a change.  As half of last week's loaf got thrown away, having not been eaten and gone mouldy, I think I will freeze half of this week's, just in case.  I don't get through a whole loaf if I don't have sandwiches for my school lunch.

Marking five year old writing has its plains and pleasures.  The main pain is not being able to read what they've written - I can't make head nor tail of 'bolylsholawa' although I think the 'awa' means 'away', but without finger spaces how's a teacher to tell?  Even in context of the whole sentence it means nothing . . .

But the delight of the whole bunch was this.  Remember the context - the wolf writing a letter of apology to the three pigs, explaining what really happened.
 . . . and I went to the lrst (last) house wiv brix and I bleshchood and I fand my slf on the roof . . .
Must ask mum if they always call sneezes 'bless yous' in their family!

I've remembered.  It's Target Tuesday.  So how have I done?  Well, seeing as I didn't set any last time, no comment, but here's the new ones.
1.  Work on the new Flylady baby step - fifteen minutes of decluttering a day.  Now, I'm realistic and I doubt I will manage that, so I'm making it five minutes of decluttering each week day and fifteen on Saturday and Sunday.  That should make a considerable difference to things which is what it's all about.  Because it's just me, if I tidy up as I go along, surface clutter doesn't happen all that much so we're talking cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, etc.  And that's big job stuff!
2.  Keep up the shiny sink and the swish and swipe, with all that is involved in this.
3.  Get my clothes ready the night before.  Actually, because I'm on top of the ironing right now, that doesn't look too challenging, and I want it to stay that way, so now is a good time to develop that habit, isn't it?  While it is easier to achieve.

Fingers crossed!

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