Friday 20 January 2012

Friday morning

A big parcel arrived at school for me yesterday.  Imagine the surprise when I informed our secretary that it was two packs of muslin nappies.  She gave me such quizzical looks that I had to explain that they would not be going anywhere near a baby's bottom, dear me, no.  Muslins are the very best thing I know for polishing, wiping, buffing up and generally keeping the house looking nice.  I've used them for years but some of the ones I presently use are getting a bit battered, stained and generally yuck.  Fine for keeping behind doors and bringing out when needed before being dumped in the washing basket, but not fine for being out on 'display (e.g. in the bathroom, loo or kitchen).  It hasn't helped that I used some of them for pushing blackberry puree through to get rid of the residual pippy gunge!  So I got some more and, the way they last, they are likely to see me out.  Therefore, although the initial outlay is high, I reckon that overall I will save money.  Time was when you used to be able to buy muslin very cheaply to make your own cloths, but no longer, not by the time you count the sylko and, important for me, the time it would take.

I'm hoping two more parcels will arrive today.  It cannot have escaped your notice, gentle reader, that I have a new kitchen toy.  It came with plenty of bags and rolls to make bags and one vacuum container - very strong plastic with a lid that fits a hose attachment to the vacupacker so that the air can be sucked out.  There's a button to release the vacuum when you want what's inside.  DD commented that vacupackers aren't very 'environmental' and she may have a point, but the container is more so, I believe.  It's also good for delicate things that would crush inside a vacu-bag - things like fruit salad, salad, vegetable leftovers, etc. - things that keep in the fridge with a short life that can be extended under the right conditions.  For example, I made a fruit salad on Monday.  Normally, by now (had I kept it this long) the fruit would be mushy, but in the container it is still crisp and whole. So I've ordered more of the containers in various shapes and sizes and intend to try a salad next, to see how long that lasts, especially lettuce which does go off pretty quickly.  I think I will also try potato, just to see.  In the summer they will be good with soft fruit - strawberries, etc.  Great for the healthy eating: I can prepare large amounts of fruit and salad each weekend and go at them through the week when I'm often too tired to make the required effort.  That's the hope anyway!  Time alone will tell whether it's a realistic one or not.

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