Thursday 5 January 2012

Thursday morning

There's not a lot to say this morning really.  Now that school has started, my life is running along well oiled tracks and the checklist is really helping at home.  The kitchen remains nice and tidy, as does my bedroom - yay! 

Yesterday was marked by the finding of a music book for Y1 that we thought we'd lost.  How sad and yet how typical that this was the highlight of the day.  Today is my coordinator hour and I have a hymn rota to create.  How am I going to be able to stand the excitement thereof!  :0)

Flattering Little Boy said something nice - at least he thought it was nice.
"Mrs Clark, you're the most bestest teacher I have ever, ever had in Y1 . . ."  Er - right, yes.  Thank you.
And they wrote Resolutions.  'At school I will . . .' and 'At home I will . . .'  Positive statements rather than negative ones.
Some were funny!  Some were practical.  And several were downright impossible.  But never mind, the reflective bit is what matters.

Better get on with next week's planning . . .

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