Friday 13 January 2012

Friday morning

I have a new toy!  My vacuum packer arrived at school yesterday (I always give the school address if it's likely to arrive on a workday).  The extra bags had arrived the day before which was most tantalising.  It was in a huge box, so large I wondered what on earth I had ordered, but actually it turned out to be more or less the expected size, thank goodness!

Once I got home it was a case of working out how to unpack it - quite a challenge - admiring its shiny beauty (yes, something else to shine!!) and reading the instructions carefully.  I'm starting small with two salmon fillets and a couple of pork chops to be kept in the fridge over the shorter term and I will try Diane's idea of some stewed fruit.  I have to use up some meat in the freezer but after that I will be looking for bargain stuff that I can buy in a little more bulk.

It's jolly cold out there today.  There's a very heavy frost which ought to see off the remaining flowers (I still have lupins growing!) from last year.  By the time I have to leave for school, I hope I won't have to scape the car too much.  Today is a non pupil day but we expect to have to work very hard indeed.  So why, at this moment, does it feel like a holiday?  Wishful thinking, I suspect.

Later addition:  Oooooh, it works!  Very clever stuff.  Now I have to discover how long the steaks will keep in the fridge!

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