Sunday 8 January 2012

Sunday morning

. . . and the main news from my perspective is that the flippin' cold has come back with a vengeance.  I went to bed with some paracetamol with ensured that the aches kept their distance, but they're back today with a cough to match.  Oh, drat and double drat!  I was going over to DDs for lunch but I think I am going to cry off, partly because I don't want to share this cold with her and partly because I suspect I will be sleeping on and off today.

I'm glad I set to yesterday and got stuff done.  Not only did I manage to sort the contents of two cupboards, not just the one, the Christmas Tree came down and is now packed away in the new bag.  It's all a bit of a mess in the living room right now as I really didn't feel up to carrying the whole lot out to the shed in the cold and dark, but I hope I will be able to sort that out properly in the next few days.

When I did the cupboards , there were a number of items that I no longer need but which were in perfectly good condition so I posted them onto our local Facebook 'free, come and collect' page.  I'm very pleased that all but one item have been claimed and will be picked up (I hope) within the next few days.  It saves me making a trip to the nearest charity shop.

Today I need to sort out a few corners that seem to be magnetically re-attracting clutter.  Eeeek!

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