Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday morning

Four days in and we're back on holiday again!  Well, maybe not holiday exactly, but certainly not at work!  And next week is also a four day week as we have a non-pupil day on Friday which looks to be most informative and challenging.  So on Thursday morning (early), when I set to and recorded the next week's planning as I always do after our PPA on Wednesday, what did I do?  I planned five days, of course.  Doh!!!

I do like having PPA on Wednesdays.  It used to be Fridays and that meant that the recording and tweaking had to be done over the weekend, always a pain.  When it was Tuesdays we felt that we'd not really done enough of the week to tell whether things would need to be re-taught, etc.  But Wednesdays are perfect and getting the recorded planning done the next morning (only because I'm too tired in the evenings) gets it all off my mind.  There's time for J and me to put our own individual slants on it without feeling pressured.

So on to today.  There's a cupboard that needs urgent attention.  It's one of those cupboards that's not easy to get to.  One has to move the recycling bins and climb a step ladder so, of course, it rarely gets sorted out.  Usually I open one door and hopefully lob whatever needs to go back there up and over, shutting the door quickly before it has a chance to slide back out again.  I'm sure anyone who has charge and control of a kitchen knows exactly what I mean here!  That's today's big sort out and I will show you the full horror in pictures when it's all done.  Then, for Clutter Corner, there's that bit I showed you yesterday which really isn't going to take all that long but is now shouting to me each time I walk past it.  And finally there's the Christmas tree.  I did intend to do it yesterday but I was so whacked after school that I flopped, went to bed before eight and slept through until well after five today.  That's a jolly good long sleep!

Better go and make my porridge now - the cough is back and I need comfort food!

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