Sunday 1 January 2012

Sunday: New Year's Day

Predictably, by 10:30 yesterday evening I had already fallen asleep several times, so I gave up and went to bed where I was out like a light, so much so that even the party poppers that DD and DG brought with them for midnight failed to dent my dreaming.

We should have been going to a house warming do just over the cul de sac but, sadly, the lady of the house was quite unwell so it was postponed.  DD and I were only going to stay for a short time and DG was looking forward to the responsibility of being left alone for a while and had written up some very sensible rules regarding not opening the door, answering the phone, etc.  Never mind, I am sure there will be another opportunity at some point soon.  Get well soon, A.

When DD and DG come over, DD brought her complete set of Poirot DVDs (which will not be complete soon as they have six more to make, but never mind!) and we had a very enjoyable evening revelling in Agatha Christie storytelling.  Just as I can now never think of Miss Marple without seeing Joan Hickson in my mind's eye, Poirot is for ever inextricably and definitively linked to the Suchet interpretation.  There are several I haven't seen yet so while DG and DD snore gently away upstairs, as soon as I have finished this blog, I will go up and get my hearing aids, switch on the TV loop thingy, turn the external TV sound right down and enjoy a bit more Poirot-fest without disturbing either the family or the neighbours!  Perfect.

Resolutions?  Well, I think I have made them this last week what with the daily checklist and the gentle de-cluttering and sorting out I have started.  Long may it continue: the house is already looking better and is nicer to be in and there's a definite sense of achievement that is most satisfying.

May 2012 be a happy, healthy, satisfying and successful year for you, no matter what you meet on the way.   Cheers .

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