Friday 27 January 2012

Friday evening

I wasn't going to post again today but it's been quite a day, one way and another.  I wandered into school a bit later than usual to find a bit of a mini-crisis going on.  Rather a lot of staff away for various reasons, all with supply sorted beforehand (thank goodness) and then one of my team who turned up and went straight back home again - she has, I think, what I had, and she really should not have even attempted to come in.  I am glad she lives locally so didn't have too far to go home.  The problem was that the teacher who organises supply (my co-coordinator in KS2) is not in on Fridays and the office staff, who would usually know, hadn't arrived either.  Then I realised that the head was out most of the day and the deputy was off unwell too (it's the term for illness, isn't it?) so guess who was in charge of the school!  Yup, that's right.  Definitely NOT what I went into teaching for!  Ho hum!  It does make me appreciate the skills and courage of those who do become heads though.

Fortunately, lovely supportive office lady turned up, knew who to phone and did so, bless her.  Lovely supportive Y5 teacher, who has a student at the moment, was able to do registration for class without teacher and was brilliant (but then he is a brilliant teacher, full stop, and should go far).  Supply turned up and took over.  Mini-crisis ended.  I'd have taken the class myself but I was booked with performance management stuff all day! 
Now I must make sure that I have the details regarding supply teachers in case it ever happens again!

Apart from two Bad Boys (not so bad really) at lunchtime, things were as smooth as they usually are and I was able to get all my meetings done and dusted.  I was able to use the Head's office, which helped a lot.  It was really good to catch up with people, especially K, who worked in my class last year and with whom I got on so very, very well.  We share the same quirky humour and the same heart for troubled children.  I miss her . . .

I can't go into any details here, but at lunchtime something happened which was a HUGE relief for me and over which I have shed many a tear since before Christmas, not to mention flash-backs and nightmares.  I am so glad now, so grateful and thankful.  What a great start to the weekend. 

And the mini-Mantle of the Expert was a fantastic hit too.  Thanks, Andrea, you're a star!

Now it's the weekend.  Nothing much planned apart from some Lakeland retail therapy and the usual and much enjoyed Sunday lunch with DD and DG.  Isn't life great sometimes?

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