Monday 9 January 2012

Monday morning

. . . and the cold or whatever it is has totally landed.  Coughs, aches, snuffles - the lot!  Again!  I phoned our Headteacher yesterday evening and am taking the day off school today.  It's a right pain (in more than one way) so I redid today's planning in more detail and sent it over to J with a necessary work sheet and see from a thingy at the bottom of the monitor that she has opened it and answered, which is a huge relief.

I think I have decided that I will keep a couple of spare towels in the nice basket that is redundant after the corner de-clutter yesterday.  I love those enormous bath sheets and rarely use anything else except for my hair.  I think they will look nice sitting in a basket in my bedroom.  But apart from that, I doubt I will do any more de-cluttering today.  Perhaps a bit of ironing, I'll see how I feel but right now I guess I will go back to bed shortly, now that I know J has received the planning, the resources and info about various other things that need to be done today.  Monday is always a busy day . . .

See you later.

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