Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday late afternoon.

It's past five o'clock and it's still not completely dark.  The days are certainly starting to get longer again now, which is brilliant.  We're a month, more or less, past the shortest day.  It's nearly February, a shorter month.  The snowdrops are out in the garden.  All encouraging!

While the ham was vacucooking in the slow cooker I also slipped in some vacupacked lamb leg steaks for DG and me.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.  Definitely these will be done again in the same way.  I just made a gravy with the juice that came out, and it was extremely tasty.

Before lunch I managed to get out for a silver loo seat hunt.  I first tried at Tesco homestore as the web site said it did them, but no luck.  However, Tesco did have some memory foam pillows, proper ones, not a shaped slab that is way too small for the pillow case.  Now I've slept well with the topper and the 'slab' so I felt justified in paying rather more than I would usually pay for a pillow.  Fingers crossed.  So then it was further on to Argos where I had no trouble getting what I was looking for.  At home I read the instructions with some trepidation - last time I had to ask DS to do the necessary as I couldn't understand what it was telling me to do but this time there were diagrams and words and it was as clear as a bell (and easy too).  And it looks good!  I had great delight in chucking the old one in the bin.

And finally I had eggs and lemons to use up so, of course, what else but lemon curd the microwave way.  I now have two pots of lemon lusciousness, one for a friend who barters with me for eggs that her hens lay and the other for DD and DG who rather love my lemon curd.

A most satisfactory day!  I like weekends.

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