Saturday 14 January 2012

Saturday morning

Feeling somewhat more like it this morning.  The waking up clearance (so to speak) was shorter and less unpleasant, the aches seem to have gone (phew) and the throat is working OK again!  Yay!!!

To celebrate (???) I had a little rootle through the fridge and found some vegetables that are approaching old age so I decided to investigate the vacu-thing - must think of a name - to see it their life could be extended.  So I boiled the carrots until nearly done and the sprouts are currently blanching.  The idea is to vacu-pack them in single portions and reheat them as boil in the bag when needed.  According to the book, it should work.  We shall see. 

Don't do this though!  I should have used the pulse function, I didn't and can't you tell!!!  I could knock a burglar out with it!

Since starting back to school the decluttering has, inevitably, taken a back seat.  Today I want to get all the decorations back into the garage and do more book sorting.  I also need to go shopping for various things that are running out so I seem to have a busy morning ahead of me!

Better go and rescue the sprouts now!

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