Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday morning

Oh, to see life with the eyes of a child.  It was great excitement all round yesterday morning because 'it's snowing, Mrs Clark, lots and lots of snow'.  'Just let me get my magnifying glass' said I, which, of course, went right over their heads!  I suppose you could call it snow - very light, fine flakes, settling on the grass and on top of the low wall but not on the playground.  At playtime they all trooped out ready for fun and games and came back telling me of fantastic snow fights.  'How?' said I - there really was only about 1mm of the stuff.  Turns out they gathered titchy little bits and flicked them at each other.

To follow the cough, the sneezes and the sort throat, I now have limited voice.  It was hard work making myself heard yesterday and I suppose today isn't going to be all that much better.  At least I don't have to do all that much direct teaching.  It's PPA, computer suite and library!  OK by me!!!

After reading about Diane's success with brining and roasting a chicken a la Heston, I bought one myself to have a go.  I can't believe that you can cook it at such a low temperature, but am very prepared to have a go.  It won't go to waste whatever happens.

It's a new month.  Pinch and punch!  The new baby step is in operation now.  Fingers crossed because I have serious doubts about keeping this one up!  I have the bags, I have the clutter, but do I have the motivation?  We will see.

Better go and unload the dishwasher.  Can't neglect the old tasks for the new. 

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