Monday 16 January 2012

Monday morning

It's turned bitterly cold again after a bit of a lull yesterday and there 's a heavy frost at the moment.  This is unfortunate because the heating is not working at school and we have all been told to come wearing plenty of layers for warmth, children and adults alike.  I'm taking my gloves and my woolly lined boots in case and there might be some temporary heating in place.  Hopefully the heating people will sort it all out quickly and we won't be shivering for long.

It was nice this morning, coming down to a non-Christmas invaded living room.  I'm so glad everything finally got sorted out and put away.  Just a few bits and bobs to sort now and I'm labelling that a Clutter Corner item!

After reading about Diane's investigations with her new Sous Vide machine, I though I would try something.  I'm not buying a sous vide myself, not even thinking of it, but I have one vacupacked pork steak remaining in the fridge and I thought I would get out the slow cooker, put in water, and roughly imitate the effects.  So it's out on the top, simmering away with the pork steak in.  We will see . . .!

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