Saturday 28 January 2012

Saturday morning - very early

Typical Saturday morning start.  I'm down early, will have coffee and something to eat and then have another sleep.  I should then wake at around seven which is civilised!

Today is a nothing day, a stay at home and relax day.  There's the housework, of course, but that can be done Flylady style in short bursts.  I don't need to do a food shop this week as I bought a few essentials yesterday.  I am going into town though because after much pondering I am buying myself a steam cleaner.  Just a basic one for sealed floors, nothing more than that.  You see, I'm none too fond of hands and knees scrubbing and ordinary swishy things don't seem to really do the job.  I don't have complicated floors, just lino or tiles.  So I reckon that if I can't treat myself to something like that at my age, then it's a poor show!  I even have somewhere to keep it!

The coffee is ready, I can smell it, so off I go.  I love coffee in bed, it seems so self indulgent.

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