Thursday 12 January 2012


I may have been back at school yesterday, but that doesn't mean I saw my lovely class much.  PPA in the morning was great.  J and I got loads done and, for one, last year's planning for next week was just about right all the way through so it's just a question of moving stuff around and redoing the differentiation.  That doesn't happen very often, believe me.  You can't just take the planning from year to year and expect it to work with an entirely different class.  It has to be changed to meet the needs of the current class and, of course, the number of helpers you happen to have. 

Having done PPA, it was into the ICT suite after play for some Talking Topics.  There's some lovely software around nowadays and TT is just one of them with its chapters and moving bits and the ability to read the words to the children . . .

Afternoon saw me in a meeting while another teacher took my class again.  No staff meeting so I came home early, at about 4:30 because,  frankly, I was worn out.  I'm umming and ahing right now as to whether I go in today because I've had a very rough night with the coughing, etc, and feel pretty yuck, but I guess I will!

See you later!

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