Wednesday 11 January 2012

Wednesday: Heigh ho, Heigh ho

. . .  it's off to school I go.  No, I'm not sure I'm totally OK for going back but - well, that's what teachers do!  Today starts with PPA and then moves into ICT suite, so, with luck, it won't seem too long a day.

And I forgot again!  Target Tuesday!  My attempts to organise my blog a little bit are failing miserably, aren't they?  So here we are: Target Tuesday, aka Wednesday (again).

Last week's targets:
1.  The daily checklist.  Working a treat and becoming part of my routines.  It needs modifying a bit, but it's working well.
2.  A drawer a day.  Yes, did that until I got ill.  All the kitchen drawers are now spanking clean and tidy and I need to move into other rooms.
3.  Eye for Detail - which has changed name and is now 'Clutter Corner'.  I tackled that kitchen corner and sorted it, plus keeping a few danger spots clutter free (more or less)

The new targets:
1.  Get the sink and hob shiny (which means a lot more than just that, of course) morning and evening.
2.  To clear out the three drawers in the computer desk.
3.  To get the Christmas things out to the garage.

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