Sunday 8 January 2012

Two shiny drawers

I'm sure this is getting VERY boring for anyone with the patience to keep reading, but, for me, it's helping considerable.  By posting here, it gives me a sense of accountability which is keeping me at it.  

These were two of the worst drawers.  Note, I said 'were'.  Not any more.  A few old, manky bits did get thrown away and a few bits put on Facebook (and immediately snapped up) but mostly it was a question of organisation, nothing more.  Mind you, I was pretty ashamed of the muck once each drawer had been emptied, so they've had a good wipe over too.

I thought I had taken photos of before, but it seems I hadn't and it's too late now.  Here's the afters though.

Not bad, eh?

1 comment:

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