Thursday 12 January 2012

Ooops - sorry Lisa-Jane

Over the last few days I have had trouble seeing comments.  The screen just goes blank and nothing happens.  Now, I hate that.  I feel so very rude if I don't reply to comments that people have been kind enough to make.
So when I saw that comments had been made and I couldn't see them, I was embarrassed.  I could see them on the page devoted to comments, but not in a way that enabled me to reply.  I didn't like that one bit.

So, Lisa-Jane, I thought as you'd just started commenting, there might be some sort of clash that mixed up my comments thingy.  OK, so that's silly, but remember I am a techno-idiot!!  So I deleted your comments.  No success.  Then I remembered that I had changed the background.  So I went exploring and saw that I had options for comments.  I chose the pop up in a dialogue box option and lo and behold, I can see and answer comments again.  However, I can't get L-J's comment back.

So, L-J, I am so sorry, you are very welcome here and please do leave more comments . . . hopefully this won't happen again.  And to anyone else I seem to have ignored in the last few days - I haven't really, I just couldn't respond.

Fingers crossed this will sort it though . . .

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