Tuesday 24 January 2012

Tuesday morning

And after a very early bedtime and a little wakey spell in the night, I have slept well and late (comparatively speaking, of course).  To my shame I didn't bother to do my clean and shine in the kitchen yesterday evening and, oh dear, wasn't I ashamed of myself this morning.  Habits HAVE to to practised to become habits in the first place.  I'm sure you will be delighted to know that it's all shiny again and the dishwasher is humming away merrily.

Last night I had the duck breast that I vacupacked and then vacu-slow-cooked last week.  It's been in the fridge ever since.  Like everything else I have tried, it was delicious.  Very tender and juicy.  I now have a little bit of stock and some dripping so I guess roasties need to be on the menu soon.  There was a bit of veg roast left over from DD's lunch on Sunday which needs jazzing up so I might roast the spuds and then chuck the veg roast and chuck that in with the potatoes.  A few rings of onion and some yellow peppers should flavour it up as well.  I can do it all in Handy Andy too!  Easy!

Well, it's half past six so better go and have my bath and get stuff together for the day ahead.

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