Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday evening - the story of a cupboard

Once upon a time there was a cupboard.  It wasn't very big and it wasn't very accessible and it was sad because the kitchen lady threw things in and slammed the door quickly, as if she couldn't bear to stay and become better acquainted.  It was dark, dismal and very cluttered but it dreamed of being useful, clean and valued.

One day there was a rattle at the door and, to the cupboard's surprise, the doors were flung open wide and the kitchen lady actually climbed up a step ladder to take a good, smiley look.  Before the cupboard could even say 'hello' all its contents were taken out, a few at a time, and laid neatly on the surfaces below.  And then the kitchen lady started banging under the shelf, very hard, and removed it completely.  Oh, no, thought the cupboard, I'm being discarded, but no - after a good wipe over the shelf was replaced, but several notches further down, making a big, light, useful space, just asking for another shelf in the middle.  And it was so.  An additional shelf was ordered to be delivered some time in the near future.

The cupboard was very, very happy.  Even the replacing of a few temporary bits and pieces couldn't cast any shadow - at last it was going to fulfil its destiny.  It hardly considered all the things that had been removed, but would have been extremely happy to know that they were either given nice new homes in another cupboard or posted on a Facebook page alongside things from the other cupboard, where they proved very popular and were claimed in a short time. 
So they all lived happily ever after.

And that's a true story!  ;0)

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