Thursday 26 January 2012

Thursday morning

Thursday, already!  And yesterday we got paid so almost the end of the month too.  Just over two weeks to go and we are half way through the school year.  Scary stuff!

Yesterday M and I were in charge of the school!  Nothing untoward happened, thank goodness.  Staff meeting was very short as we were not sure what we were expected to do so we didn't.  It was nice to get all the marking, etc, done in good time too, and be home before five.

Apart from that, life plods on and I seem to spend the rest of my time either working, sleeping or thinking about sleeping!  Never mind, half term is coming up and I can do some more serious decluttering!  The daily routines are becoming more established, especially in the mornings.  The evenings are not so brilliant really!

Fly Lady has a morning routine.  The Slob has a checklist.  I've combined the two on my fridge door.  I wondered how different my morning routine is from Fly Lady so I compared.  The first and most obvious thing is that she evidently does NOT wake up stupidly early each morning!  The rest follows on, I guess . . .
-Get Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth
Well, no way!!!  No way am I getting dressed at four o'clock in the morning!!  I wake, come down, kettle on, PC on, make coffee, check emails, and blogs, write my blog, make breakfast/lunch, check planning and make/print off any outstanding resources (not necessarily in that order, it all depends).  After making breakfast, I tidy, put things in the dishwasher, wash and dry by hand if necessary and wipe over all the surfaces, shining ,my sink with the vinegar and water spray.
At about 6:30, maybe a little later, I'm upstairs to have my bath and brush teeth, then get dressed ready for school!

- Make Bed
Yup - after getting dressed.  And I make it so that it airs through the day by folding the duvet in a three way zig-zag at the bottom of the bed.  Works for me!

-Swish & Swipe
Yes, I do that - if I use the downstairs loo I give that a quick wipe over (it doesn't need much at all if it's done every day) and I do the loo and wash basin while the bath is running, and the bath after I've used it (obviously).  It's all a lot easier now I do it every day and things are starting to look shiny again.  I also wipe over door handles, loo holders, etc.  It's a nice feeling when it's done (and those who know me well will be amazed at this, I am sure).

-Empty Dishwasher
No way - it's only at the weekend or when I have visitors that I have a full load in a day.  The rest of the week it's a turn through the rinse cycle for two or maybe three days before it's full enough for a full wash.  Luckily I have enough china, etc, and I always do my new(ish) pans by hand.

-Reboot Laundry (a Load a Day Keeps CHAOS Away)
As above.  Washing and ironing are weekend tasks only, unless I have visitors.  Two loads, maybe three, is all I have to do.  There are decided benefits to living on your own and this is very definitely one of them!

-Check Your Calendar
Rarely necessary until I get to school, then I look at my planning in detail.

-Check Your Control Journal
I think she means my check list.  I do that before I leave for school, just for the pleasure of ticking things off.  I've not missed a recycling pick up since I started my checklist and I was always letting the stuff pile up before.  I'm pleased to have got that one sorted.

It's all a whole bundle easier when all I have to manage is myself.   I'm really not sure how well it would work if others were sabotaging my efforts.  I suspect a whole load of resentment and anger would build if others didn't share the load.  I mean, just imagine shining the sink and then the kids dump a load of dirty dishes in there.  Grrrr. 

I think I have a long way to go here!  :0)

And you know what - I missed Target Tuesday - AGAIN!
So (and apologies for the long blog) I'm not leaving it another week:  here we go!

1. Get the sink and hob shiny (which means a lot more than just that, of course) morning and evening.
Yes, done that apart from one evening.  They gat a shine morning and evening and the kitchen has never had it so good!

2. To clear out the three drawers in the computer desk.
Er -

3. To get the Christmas things out to the garage.
Yes indeedy!  All done, sorted and tidied with help from DD and DG, bless them!

Now I have to think of new targets.  Watch this space!  ;0)

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