Saturday 21 January 2012

Saturday morning

It's the weekend at last.  Thank goodness.  This week has been hard work with a failing voice and a cold that is fighting me every inch of the way.  Bedtime was just after seven last night - I'm sure I was asleep well before many of my pupils! - so, inevitably, I woke at extremely stupid o'clock, aka before one o'clock.  Age brings wisdom of sorts and I have given up tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep again: I came down, had a coffee and a little snack and did a bit of computer stuff until I felt the tiredness return, whereupon I went back up, read for a short while and found my way back into the Land of Nod.  So I've actually had a very, very good night's sleep really.

Yesterday, being SEN day, was different.  Meetings, organising performance managements and observations all contrived to keep me going and interested.  I popped in on the Gym Trail in the hall to see how things were going.  I got off lightly - it was wet playtimes and I was supposed to be on playground duty p.m.  I was supposed to take a recorder lesson but, with children in the bay (because of wet lunchtime), I couldn't.  So I escaped to the staff room and had some comparative peace and quiet in there, a great relief!

And now it's the weekend.  Plans for today include early shopping, the usual weekend tasks (I hesitate to call them chores because I'm trying to get out of the mindset that sees them as 'chores') and some decluttering.  The last includes six rather out of control drawers and enough of the shed so I can put away the fold up table!  If I get that done I will be very happy!

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