Monday 30 January 2012

Monday morning

I've woken to a very chilly but dry day.  Yesterday's mist seems to have vanished so perhaps we will get some sun today.  I do hope so, it's been rather dull for much of the time and sunshine cheers everyone up, even if it is freezing cold.

In Flylady world, which I hop in and out of, February's baby step is fifteen minutes of decluttering each day.  My goodness, if I managed that - if I managed even HALF of that - my house would be radically changed.  I must ponder on this one.  This month's baby step, shining my sink, is pretty well established now so I could move on.  I've not got into the zoning thing because that seems to assume a stay at home mum (sorry, I mean stay at home mom).  I do what I can, when I can, gradually building up the whole routine thing . . .

I don't think anything special is due to happen today.  This may be Famous Last Words, of course . . .

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