Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday morning

It was a miserable day yesterday, weather-wise, wasn't it?  Wet playtime, wet lunchtime so by the afternoon the children were going stir crazy.  Fortunately we had a practical science activity for them which actually went quite well and I was thankful that the rain stopped in time for infant afternoon play.  J and I bundled ourselves up warmly and stood guard valiantly over a wet and splashy playground.  The children were warned that wet shoes and socks/tights from illegal puddle activity would not be viewed sympathetically and maybe it would be a good idea to look where they were going so they didn't bump and fall.  As a result, we had fewer casualties than usual which just goes to show . . . something or other.

Today is PPA, then ICT followed by science assessments in the afternoon and with staff meeting once the children have disappeared.  A long day.  It's damp and soggy outside but not actually raining so here's hoping!  I was organised yesterday so the recycling is by the front door, ready to be put in position when I go to school - I seem to have an awful lot of card in the bag and will be glad to see the back of it.

Well, better get going with a nice hot bath . . .

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