Wednesday 18 January 2012

Wednesday morning

. . . and it's nowhere near stupid o'clock this morning.  I know some of my readers may consider 05:17, which is what the PC clock says, still rather stupid, but I don't: it's dangerously close to a lie in for me!  After yesterday's long hours awake, I was worn out by home time, went to sleep in my chair for about an hour (ooops), finally got to bed at around nine and fell straight asleep.  So you can see that I've had a jolly good night's sleep, in fact.

There's a mist over the world today, the local world anyway, but no frost.  I'm glad - the playgrounds were rather treacherous yesterday morning and it was jolly cold.  And it took forever for me to scrape the frost off the car windows!!

School went well yesterday.  I was thrilled with how they all did in maths.  They 'chose' well while the art activity was going on.  All very good.  And then they went and spoilt it by leaving the role play in a tip.  It's a shared area and J was as cross as I was about it, so we've both prepared a ton of bricks to deliver today.  Not until after play though, as it is PPA first thing.  Never mind, I am sure that, like a good wine, it will improve with keeping!

It may sound really pathetic (OK, so 'may' isn't the right word) but I was so tired yesterday that I couldn't find the energy to cook a proper dinner so the salomon didn't get eaten.  On the basis that fish is OK for breakfast, it's boiling away in the bag now while, in the slow cooker, there's some braising steak and that duck breast.  I will decide which one I want this evening and the other can chill and do for tomorrow.  No problems.

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