Sunday 15 January 2012

Sunday late afternoon

. . . and I have discovered that I can change the bedding and clean my bedroom in just over 20 minutes, providing it is tidy.  Now that's definitely an incentive for keeping it clutter free.  I also managed to Dyson the landing at the same time, and the smallest bedroom.  Yay for me!

While chatting to DD after dinner, I managed to sort out all the Christmas boxes and, with help from DG, they are all back in the garage together with the Christmas tree, so the whole living room looks a lot better again - OK for guests once more!  There's just a little more clutter to sort out and then the big gopak table can get folded up and out into the shed and that's that for another year!

It's been a nice day.  Sunshine is always cheering and warms the house.  DD and I had a good chat about good things and now I feel encouraged.  The old sinuses are twinging but I am putting that down to excessive nose blowing, nothing more.  Mind over matter is a Good Thing.  And I have found out what the flylady means by swish and swipe (or whatever the phrase is): it means clean your loo!!  That's today's bit of - er - useful information!

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