Thursday 19 January 2012

Thursday morning

 . . . and it is raining cats and dogs here.  It should be outdoor games after play but that's very much in doubt now.  Even if it stops raining (and the forecast doesn't look optimistic) the playground will be full of puddles and I don't have the strength of character to contemplate 29 pairs of soaking wet plimmies drying in the bay for the rest of the day, not to mention socks over the radiator.

This decluttering is definitely a transferable skill.  I have tidied the sink at school and attempted a shine.  My table is gradually being cleared of unnecessary stuff too.  Wow!!!  Long may it continue!

I forgot about Target Tuesday again.  Oh, dear.  I won't update now, I'll leave it until next Tuesday and hope I don't forget!  I must be getting old to keep forgetting like that!

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