Wednesday 1 June 2011

Wednesday morning

Yesterday was another pleasant, enjoyable day, albeit rather noisy from the ongoing work on next door's front and my pathway. It's certainly coming along nicely though and should look good once it's all done. I shall have to start saving up to have the rest done, I guess.

After a bit of shopping, I finally got round to writing the letter to the refuse department, asking them to come and take the old fridge. Having posted that I then lugged it round to the front, where it has to be for them to collect it. I felt guilty about that so wrote little notes to everyone in the cul-de-sac, apologising and explaining.

That duty done, I set to, tidying up the end of the garden, sorting out the pots and sweeping up the fallen leaves and seeds - there were a lot of them after the strong winds of last week. I then planted out a few more seedlings and that's about it for this year now. There's a few delphiniums to put at the front (in the hopes that they will survive there) and then it's just a questions of hoping everything will take and grow. Gardening is an act of faith and hope - at least it is in my garden!

The afternoon was spent feeding the washing machine and catching up with ironing. Not so exciting but necessary.

Today I have a friend coming round for lunch so am trying a pastry-free quiche. I'll let you know: if it works, I can't see myself going back to using pastry all that much and one could add all sorts of other stuff to it to ring the changes. I added a little pepper, a tiny pinch of salt and used parsley because I don't have any basil. I know people love basil - DD eats the leaves neat - but it doesn't really dig my garden much. You can find the recipe here.

Photo: The front.

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